1. Quirk and Gourmet Passport are merging?? What's going on?
    Yes! We found our +1. Quirk and Gourmet Passport are joining forces so that you guys can have double the saving and double the fun!

  2. So what does this mean for me?
    You can continue to use the Quirk card till 15th of September 2018 or till the natural expiry of your membership whichever comes earlier at the active restaurants. Make sure to check the list of restaurants before visiting.

  3. My membership extends beyond 15th September! What about me!
    Worry not! We have you covered. We have sent you an exclusive invite to join Gourmet Passport for FREE! If you still have questions you can always ping us on care@quirkcard.com or call on +917303553311and we will be happy to help.

  4. Which restaurants are part of Gourmet Passport? I don't see my Quirk favourites there!
    You can see the list of Gourmet Passport restaurants here. We will be working together with the good folks at Gourmet Passport to get your Quirk favourties live there soon.

  5. What about the Quirk Guarantee?
    We will stand by our promise to make sure you never lose. You can claim your Quirk guarantee with us instantly. Pls get in touch with us on care@quirkcard.com or call on +917303553311

  6. Anything else?
    Nope! Use the card till 15th Sep 2018 like you used to! We are sure you will love us in our new avatar!