Four Fountains De-stress
Why we love Four Fountains De-stress
Stress has become a regular part of almost every individual who lives a hectic and busy life in city like Bangalore. Unlike other spas, Four Fountains De-Stress Spa takes a unique approach towards solving stress related problems. The therapies offered at the spa are not intended for only mental and physical relaxation, but are also proven for their health benefits. It provides evidence-based scientific therapies. Maintains high level of professionalism. Every spa room has self-attached bathroom which is extremely convenient. You get free counselling from qualified lifestyle coach or a spa doctor. Your lifestyle changes and health progress is measured and tracked.
How to Redeem the Offer
  1. Visit Four Fountains De-stress on any day, at any day and enjoy the services
  2. Present your Quirk Card to the Spa/Salon staff before you ask them for your bill.
  3. Get an instant discount of up to 15% off on your bill.
For more details, visit our FAQs section.
Terms & Conditions
  1. Prior appointment required.
  2. Offer not valid on products.
  3. Please present the card before you ask for the bill.
  4. The discount cannot be clubbed with any other offer.
  5. This card is not transferable. Photo ID is required.
  6. Only one card can be used per group.
  7. Max. Discount of 15% on bill at salons and spas is subject to a maximum of two guests per group.
  8. In case of more than two guests, the discount will be given on the bill amount for two guests only.
  9. Partner salons and spas may change without prior notice. Please check Quirk for the updated list.
  10. Discounts are valid on all days except 1 Jan, 14 Feb, 25 Dec, 31 Dec.
Rs. 3,07,54,902
Rs. 3,254