The Quirk Guarantee
Savings Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back!

We wanted to thank all of our wonderful Quirk Card users for making us a part of the great times you've had. We love that we’ve been able to add to this joy by helping you save more!

But some of you may wonder, what happens if you don't end up saving as much as you pay for the Quirk Card? You don't need to worry, as always, we've got your back! We'd like to introduce you to the Quirk Guarantee!

As a part of this guarantee, if you don't save more than you pay, we promise to refund the difference in the amount you have paid and what you save. This guarantee is applicable for all users who keep the card for one year or more.

For example, if you paid Rs 2400 for the card over a period of 12 months and you've only saved Rs. 1500, then we will pay back Rs. 900!

With the Quirk Guarantee, you can now forget about calculating if you will save enough or not and do what you do best - have a gala time with your Quirk Card! Buying a Quirk Card is now a Win-Win situation!

Make sure you check out our FAQs page for even more details.

  • The cardholder must have held the card for a period of 12 or more months without interruption.
  • The amount of refund will depend on the savings made in comparison to the investment on the card.
  • Refunds are applicable on transactions up to the first 18 months only. Eg:If the cardholder keeps the card two years and doesn't use it once, they'll get back the first 18 months amount calculated as per the T&C.
  • You can request for a refund even after 18 months.
  • Accidental non-renewal will not be treated as an interruption. i.e. if your card doesn’t renew on the first attempt, but is successfully renewed within 7 days, it will not be counted as an interruption. This is applicable for both Credit Card and Paytm renewals.
  • The cardholder will not be refunded automatically, but must put in a refund request by contacting us on or +91 7303553311.

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